A Question – How do I get quotes?

Simply answer the question set and at the end select quote. Hey presto the wheel spins and selects the most competitive premium offered by the panel of insurers. If you are happy with the quote and sure that you have the cover you need. You can then securely pay online and print off all your documents or email them to yourself.
How can I check out the levels of cover?
At the end of a quote you will find several titled documents such as :

  • Terms/ Base Excess: Details the policy excess applicable to each section of cover i.e Loss of Tools.
  • Sums Insured Summary: The limit of Indemnity for each section such as Public Liability £2million.
  • Statement of Fact: Information you have provided to obtain a quote
  • Quotation Schedule: Premium details.
  • Summary of Cover: Features and benefits of the policy

When you go through to our Quotation Page – simply click on each header and the document will open for you to check, some will ask you to confirm that you wish to open the document at the bottom of the screen.


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We understand that whilst almost everything in the world seems to be done online for speed, efficiency and time, and we have no problem with that, sometimes you have to, or want to speak to a human being. Not just someone on a far continent reading from a script but a real person who can listen and endeavour to provide a solution. Hopefully we can provide the advice and information you need. Just pick up the telephone and call us then we can have a conversation.

Quote Online

We have a whole variety of Insurance products available for you at the click of a mouse.You are under no obligations to buy or accept the quotation unless you click the Buy tab. Once you click to buy there are no extra or hidden fees. In most cases you can pay by setting up a direct debit facility (for which there is a charge).

Speak to a Person

You can call us on 0845 3456001 if you find the quotation procedure does not match your needs or you are unsure what a question means.Lets face it insurance can be a bit jargony.

Product Range

We can provide a whole host of commercial products that you can purchase from Tradesmen to Hairdressers, Pubs to Shops, Public Liability to Employers Liability.