Accident in Wednesbury

Our office is on the island at high bullen Wednesbury and our staff live in fear of a lorry or bus careering through our front doors such is the level of poor driving witnessed each and every day through our office windows.

We witness an accident and or near miss almost every other hour. So please if you drive past our door be a careful and considerate driver and try not to be the one that pops in literally.

Your welcome on foot though for all types of Insurance including  Tradesman’s Liability, Household, Landlords, Office & Shop, Motorhomes and all types of commercial policies….Give us a call if you cant get in.. 0121 502 3603

Motor traders information

Motor traders are continually being stopped and having vehicles impounded as a result of failure to keep the MID (Motor Insurance Database) up to date. Using a broker is one way to update the MID alternatively increasingly a number of Insurers allow you to update the information by the internet or even texting the details. It really couldn’t be simpler.

When arranging your Motor trade policy its not all about cost the service and ability to do quick updates to the MID could save you hundreds in money and even more in time. Call 0845 3456001 for the best Motor trade policy that would suit you.