How do I make changes to my policy if I need to?

Just call 0845 3456001 ( Local Rate)and we will guide and assist you

What if I have a complaint?

Again if in the unlikely event you have reason to complain full details and addresses are provided in your policy documents for you to make contact with a Compliance Manager who will endeavour to resolve your dissatisfaction.

If the quote Declines what can I do?

Many times a quote will decline because of an input error or a question has been misunderstood. By clicking on the decline button the reason for the refusal is displayed. You can the assess the reason and by using the Previous button tab backward to correct any error.

Is that the only option?

No it is not, we fully understand that insurance at times can be a mystifying thing. So simply pick up the phone and someone will be happy to take a look at your quotation.

My quote seems very high or no one is quoting

Again this can happen if a question has been wrongly answered or misunderstood. Call or email us and we will have someone at hand to go through the details.

If I decide to cancel for any reason can I get all my money back?

Unfortunately in most cases it is not possible to obtain a full refund, each Insurer will provide details of their cancellation policy when you take out insurance. Most will charge you for the time you were insured. If you have a pending claim then no refund would be provided.

What do I do if I need to claim?

Simply call the dedicated number on your schedule of insurance quoting the unique reference number .You will be asked for a few details and later called by specialist claims handler to guide you through the process.