Driving Licences Changes

With effect from the new year either January or February, DVLA are unsure which. A new change regards your Driving Licence will come into effect. kiss goodbye to the paper part of your licence as all your data will be stored on the plastic cards chip. Does this really affect you, only if you need to prove what your driving record is. Such as to an employer or to your Insurance Company. You can still get a record of what is on your licence but yet again you will need to visit the DVLA website enter your details and then printout this information. Advancement Eh!!

Vanishing Car Tax Disc

The Government have done away with our Tax Disc as of October it is no longer required to display your tax disc, however we still have to pay for the thing. I believe many people will as a result forget to tax their car even though a reminder will be sent, the result of this will be revenue in the form of fines by the authorities. LETS ALL REMEMBER USE TECHNOLOGY AND SET A REMINDER ON YOUR PHONE TO SAVE YOURSELVES MONEY.